I had always enjoyed movies from a young age. As a teenager my father purchased a Chinon Super 8 camera on a trip to Italy in 1979 and jumped at the chance of becoming the family’s official cinematographer. I very much enjoyed shooting the family movies and experimenting with the medium at the time. After the birth of my first child, I purchased my first consumer digital video camera, thus rekindling my passions for making home movies. The digital era had begun and affordable software made it easy to edit images effortlessly. Graduating as a primary school teacher in 1985, my interest later diverted to computer science, which allowed me to pursue a career in the public service, and complete studies in public sector management. My career in the NT Government spanned for 18 years, before resigning in 2015 to pursue my own business interests including the Charles Darwin Film Festival.

In 2007 the Sienna Productions Company was formed in Darwin. The company has been involved in a variety of projects over the years including corporate videos, commercials, short films and freelance video work. In 2016 the Charles Darwin Film Festival was created for the purpose of allowing a platform to display the work created by local film makers. The inaugural festival ran on 12 November 2016, showing 23 films with over 276 minutes of short film content, and selling 162 tickets for the event. Iconic Australian actor Steve Bisley and local cinematographer Andrew Hyde from the Australian Cinematographers Society, were judges at the event, which also included a popular vote.