To be’ in it or ‘not be’ in it, didn’t really even come into it; as being able to help Terry with what he has started here is an absolute honour. I’m a born and bred Darwinite who has loved growing up in our friendly, laid back, multicultural town. It is a town that also boasts the best markets, firecrackers, beer can regattas, frog races and iced coffees. I owe a lot to Darwin and the diverse experiences it has provided so far.

Having completed a Bachelor of Economics at our local University many moons ago I have since enjoyed a rewarding career within the Territory’s Public Service across several different departments and corporations. This is where Terry and I again crossed paths and found a common interest in film making which allowed us to explore and develop our skills over the years. The opportunity to gain an insight behind both sides of the camera has been an enthralling and eye-opening experience; one I want to encourage others to try. Everyone has a story to tell and this festival provides that opportunity to tell it.

Darwin with its uniqueness, its beautiful natural surroundings along with the quirky people, provides the perfect backdrop and characters to show off Darwin and the Top End to the rest of the world.